Cultes des ghoules

Cultes des ghoules: ukázka z nového alba

Nové album Cultes des ghoules „Sinister, or Treading the Darker Paths“ vyjde 23. září u Under the Sign of Garazel (CD) a Of Crawling Shadows (MC, 2LP). Úvodní skladbu „Children of the Moon“ si můžete poslechnout na Bandcampu kapely. O povaze alba více napoví úryvek z promo textu Hells Headbangers, kteří desku vydají v zámoří.

„No one could expect CULTES DES GHOULES to create another Coven, which clocked in at nearly 100 minutes across two CDs or three 12″ vinyl records; they would never want to do that anyway. Instead, the coven dives headlong into the spacier crevasses of their inscrutable, always idiosyncratic sound. Like the blackest of magick, willed into being through both inmutable will and unselfconscious abandon, Sinister opens up – WIDELY – and again stretches sulfur and brimstone to their breaking point, with four of the five tracks topping ten minutes (or more) in length. Within, largely tribal/ritualistic drumming guides this Sinister spelunk into supernatural horrors yet witnessed; loose and lawless but always with torch in hand, the collective canvass teeth-gnashing gnarliness and haunting, stripped-back tension alike. It’s not “weird” black metal because it tries to be – it just IS, like always.“

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