Dispirit: kompilace

Fanoušky psychedelického black/doomu v podání Dispirit potěší kolekce starých, všelijak rozdělaných nebo improvizovaných skladeb. „Delerium Antiqua“ najdete na Bandcampu, jednotlivé skladby lze stáhnout za normální poplatek, stačí se jen prokliknout. Kapela mimochodem v posledních měsících makala na opětovném, kvalitnějším záznamu starého materiálu, ze kterého by vzniklo debutové album.

The first decade of Dispirit was primarily J. Gossard and P. Blair experimenting with various incarnations of bleak doom, raw black metal, and psychedelic improvisations. A whole heap of these sessions were recorded on both 4 track cassette and badly set up digital multi-track. While I am overly critical of the quality of many of these recordings due to hearing “fuck ups” all over the place, I realize some of these recordings are not without a strange charm. This “album” is where I will occasionally releasing some of these experimental recordings, but it is not any sort of complete album per se. It will be updated with new material, or possible some things removed, as time goes on and I sort through some of these old tracks. The majority of this material is entirely improvised, and there are occasional train wrecks in some material I may be uploading. Understand again, these are not completed works, but part of our creative process at the time, and meant as an insight to the bands origin. All tracks will streamable/purchasable only on an individual basis, so people can skip any bullshit they can’t tolerate.

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