Midnight Odyssey

Midnight Odyssey: nové album

Nové album australských Midnight Odyssey nese jméno „Biolume Part 1 – In Tartarean Chains“ a jak už napovídá název, jedná se o první část trilogie pojednávající o tématech vyhnanství, o čemž si můžete více přečíst v anglickém popisku níže. Úvodní skladbu „Hidden in Tartarus“ si můžete pustit na Bandcampu I, Voidhanger, kteří 70minutovou desku vydají na 2LP a CD.

Four years after their second album, the highly acclaimed “Shards Of Silver Fade”, MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY return with “Biolume Part I – In Tartarean Chains”, the first in a trilogy of albums exploring the themes of banishment and exile, of fallen gods and resentment, of sacrifice and despair. A representation of things that have been taken from us, and the desire to return to a previous embodiment or form. Once again, sole member Dis Pater recounts the ultimate journey through death in the shade of a Nature apparently indifferent, yet always compassionate in its embrace and glorious in its beauty . “When coming up with the ideas for Biolume, I was thinking of how the relationship of light and darkness are tied together,” explains the Australian musician. “In the darkest caves, the deepest parts of the ocean, there are lights which are produced by organisms, with no need for the sun. Darkness is seen as a place of banishment, you are expelled from the light. To survive you have to create your own light, which no matter how faint, enables you to see enough of what you need.”

Graced with a visionary cover painting by the inimitable Elijah Tamu, “Biolume Part I – In Tartarean Chains” follows in the footsteps of MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY’s previous works, offering nocturnal melodies of cosmic proportions solemnly raising from black and doom metal dungeons, spread across carpets of dark electronics. “I wouldn’t call it a more straightforward album, but it is certainly more focused,” Dis Pater says. “I consider this the beginning of the second chapter of Midnight Odyssey, with a familiar sound but new texture.” And concludes: “There’s a level of spite in this album that I don’t feel I’ve properly expressed before. This is the music I’m singing and performing not as an entertainer, but as a messenger of death, as a temporary vessel with whom the universe channels its most darkest and hidden truths.”

01. Hidden in Tartarus 02. Forever Silenced 03. Biolume 04. A Storm Before a Fiery Dawn 05. Of Golden Age Descended 06. When Titans Fall 07. Pillars in the Sky

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