Nawaharjan: první album v únoru

Fanoušci německých Nawaharjan se po devíti letech čekání konečně dočkají dlouhé debutové desky „Lokabrenna“, kterou Amor Fati vypustí do světa 20. února na CD a digitálních platformách. Vinyl bude následovat později a k poslechu je k dispozici již vypuštěná „Utfursko“.

01. Warassuz (Awareness) 02. Maino (Intention) 03. Skuwwe (Reflection) 04. Utfursko (Exploration) 05. Sunjo (Realization) 06. Thwerhanassuz (Opposition) 07. Umbibrautiniz (Transformation) 08. Thrawo (Suffering) 09. Hradjungo (Liberation)

Consisting of nine songs across a full hour, Lokabrenna is a conceptual work based around the Thursian Brandawegiz system, which is built upon the nine locks of Sinmara’s chest within the dark, liberating side of Germanic mythology. Each of the songs on the album symbolizes one of these locks and acts as a devotional hymn to Loki and a way to unlock his potential within oneself.

The album’s namesake, Lokabrenna is the Scandinavian name for the star Sirius, which translates into “Loki’s burning.” The star is associated with important destructive and liberating attributes in many cultures worldwide. It is known as the “Alpha Canis Majoris,” or the “dog star,” in the ancient world or as home planet of the Nommo spirits within the belief of the Dogon tribe.

Within the Brandawegiz tradition, Lokabrenna is associated with the liberating powers of Loki. It is also linked to the destruction of the cosmos that follows after the release of the flaming sword Lævateinn during Ragnarök and Loki’s transformation into his final, liberating aspect Hveðrungr.

Verily do Nawaharjan accomplish these sensations across this the scything ‘n’ swirling expanses of Lokabrenna. The band’s Into the Void debut EP – originally released in late 2011 in extremely limited quantities, but given further life with Amor Fati‘s vinyl edition in early 2016 – may have slowly-yet-surely become something of a mini-classic in recent years, but it is with Lokabrenna where Nawaharjan truly display their dynamic, depths-exploring black metal mastery in its fullest glory. Behold its vast, illuminating liberation!

Begin that liberation with the brand-new track “Utfursko (Exploration)”.

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