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Paysage d’hiver: novinky

Paysage d’hiver mají venku dva nové tituly. Wintherr vzal dvě skladby z nedávné desky „Im Wald“ a přetvořil je dle čerstvější vize: „Im Traum“ lze sehnat na CD a vinylu. Dále je k dispozici CD kompilace „Schnee“, která na jednom nosiči nabídne všechny čtyři skladby o stejném názvu. Valte na web Kunsthall Produktionen dokud jsou tituly k dispozici.

”Dear winter wanderers,

Tomorrow, the 19th of November 2020, we will proudly start the pre-sales of Paysage d’Hiver’s “Im Traum” and finally “Schnee”. “Im Traum” will be available on 10” Vinyl and Mini-CD. It contains two tracks of which Wintherr states:

“I always heard more layers of sounds and melodies with my inner ears in Paysage d’Hiver, than I was actually able to put into physically hearable music. The inner ears are not bound to physical limits. With these two songs from “Im Wald”, these layers where extraordinarily strongly present, so I tried to transform at least one of these deeper layers to a physically listenable form.”

“Schnee” will be available on CD only and contains all 4 “Schnee” tracks from the various Split-LP’s and Wurzelgeister-Vinyl-Sampler in a re-mixed and re-mastered version. Also, there are several of the sold out CD’s available again, namely “Paysage d’Hiver”, “Kerker”, “Schattengang” and “Winterkaelte”. Due to the high amount of handcraft and effort, we decided to limit the A5-Digipaks in 500gm2 cardboard and black envelopes henceforth to 3’000 copies each, even though the initial idea was to have this version unlimited. After these copies have been sold out and there still is a demand, the A5-Digipaks will be re-pressed in an industrially made version and without the envelope.”

Paysage d'hiver

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