Ragnarok - Non Debellicata

Ragnarok: o nové desce

Deváté album norských Ragnarok se jmenuje „Non Debellicata“ a vyjde 15. listopadu u Agonia Records. Níže najdete obal a tracklist novinky společně s komentářem kapely.

“Our new album, Non Debellicata, is the result of an extensive process in which all the members of the band participated creatively, both musically and lyrically. We put a lot of work into this album to make it as extreme and violent as we possibly could, pushing the borders of our musicianship and song writing skills. Originally we started out with 20 songs, out of which we rehearsed 16 and whittled it down to 13 for recording. We eventually chose 10 for inclusion on the album, because we wanted to ensure highest possible quality of every song”.

Non Debellicata, refers to a phrase used as the motto for our home town Saropsborg in the olden days. It is taken from letter Jarl Alv Erlingsson sent to the Scottish Government in 1286. Aside from being a nobleman and the Jarl (Earl) of Sarpsborg, Alv was also an infamous pirate who was in the habit of robbing Danish and German merchant ships. The Scottish government had confiscated a number of Norwegian ships and Jarl Alv wrote them a letter, in which he said that maybe they were under the impression that Norway was weak after being at war for several years. But assured them that they would learn that the Norwegian people were not weakened by the war and would never be defeated”.

“Non Debellicata” was recorded in Endarker Studio Sweden, with Marduk’s Devo at the helm, artwork by Néstor Avalos and photos by Arash Taheri Photography.

01. Non Debellicata 02. Chapel of Shadows 03. Sanctimoneous 04. Bestial Emptiness 05. Nemesis 06. The Great Destroyer 07. Gerasene Demoniac 08. The Gospel of Judas Iscariot 09. Jonestown Lullaby 10. Asphyxiation

Ragnarok - Non Debellicata

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  1. Jo, obal se mně taky líbí. Hudebně mě ale Ragnarok naposledy bavili na Blackdoor Miracle, který vyšlo před 15 rokama, takže mě vydání nový desky nechává docela v klidu…

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