The Great Old Ones - Cosmicism

The Great Old Ones: nové album

Francouzští post-blackmetalisté The Great Old Ones vydají na podzim u Season of Mist své nové album „Cosmicism“. Níže máte trailer, tracklist a krátký komentář k tématice alba od vokalisty a kytaristy Benjamina Guerryho:

“Cosmicism” is a literary philosophy developed by H.P. Lovecraft. In summary, this philosophy expresses the fact that humans are totally insignificant in the light of what is happening in the cosmos, events that we can’t understand, issues that are beyond us. Each song on this album features a specific Lovecraftian entity, as well as the protagonist who meets her, sinking into admiration and madness.”

01. Cosmic Depths 02. The Omniscient 03. Of Dementia 04. Lost Carcosa 05. A Thousand Young 06. Dreams of the Nuclear Chaos 07. Nyarlathotep 08. To a Dreamer (bonusová skladba)

The Great Old Ones - Cosmicism

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