Virus: konec zvonec

Rozkošná norská podivnost Virus hlásí konec hudební činnosti. Einz se stal vojvodou bulharským, Plenum ekvádorským premiérem, zatímco se na Ukrajině stále věnuje své profesi pediatra, a pokud byste na svou párty potřebovali imitátora Elvise či Breta Michaelse, případně pokud byste někdy zavítali do Birminghamu a chtěli si půjčit moped, kontaktujte Czrala. Ten mimochodem s bubeníkem KristianemObliteration a Void Eater rozjíždí novou kapelu, kterou lze údajně prozatím popsat jako temný, sonický jazz.


“Good evening y’all. Or good morning or afternoon, depending on where you are in the world which is made up of time-zones and landslides. We are now into our 18th year of existance, and as you all know, in 1918, in plymouth, Charlie Chaplin forgot his drivers-license at the chemist’s while simultaneously thinking about tunafish and batteries. An odd moment, yes, but it has reminded us (in Virus) that it’s time to throw in the towel.. It’s been 4 full-lengths, a demo and a mini-album and a few handfuls of gigs, plus the odd whale-shark encounter. Einz has become voivod of bulgaria (1155-1299), Plenum has become the prime minister of Equador while simultaneously working as a paediatrician in Ukraine. Czral has become a well known Elvis -and Bret Michaels-impersonator whilst working as a moped-vendor machine-operator in birmingham. So that’s why we’ve decided to lay down our deplorable riffs and beats and bass-lines, rather than being «on ice, don’t know what’s happening» -mode, for an unforeseeable future… You know, you can’t devour an apple more than three times: the time you buy it, the time you put it on your kitchen-counter, and the time you decide to throw it away because it’s gone bad. Only thrice. But I digress.. My point is: at some point, you realise that what you set out to do has now been done, now, so now.. Thank you, bye bye, we were Virus.. ”

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