BLAZE OF PERDITION sign with Agonia Records and reveal first details of new album

Blaze of Perdition - Near Death RevelationsBLAZE OF PERDITION sign with Agonia Records and reveal first details of new album

Agonia Records are proud to announce the signing of the rising Polish black metal force, BLAZE OF PERDITION. Both parties are excited in this new venture and are pleased to announce that the band’s third full-length album will be titled “Near Death Revelations”. The album, whose cover artwork created by Mentalporn can be viewed above, is scheduled to be released this June.

BLAZE OF PERDITION have managed to built up an excellent reputation with their two previous albums, Towards the Blaze of Perdition” (2010) andThe Hierophant” (2011), which solidified the oufit’s position as one the most interesting acts in the field of black metal. While the gorup does not reinvent the wheel, it truly makes use of its creative capacities, focusing on inteligent arrangements and developing a dark, yet enigmatic unity.

After a tragic road accident in November 2013, the band’s career was open to doubt, but eventually the event did not manage to slow BLAZE OF PERDITION for long. The upcoming “Near Death Revelations” album, will refer directly to those past experiences.With more album details set to be revealed soon, BLAZE OF PERDITION have already shed light on the track-list, which is as follows:

1. Królestwo Niczyje
2. Into the Void Again
3. When Mirrors Shatter
4. Dreams Shall Flesh
5. Cold Morning Fears
6. The Tunnel
7. Of No Light

S. – vocals
XCIII – guitars
Revenger – guitars/bass
Vizun – drums


Agonia Records:

[tisková zpráva vydavatele]

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