Viranesir - Childrens Suicide Music

Children’s Suicide Music by Turkish Experimental Metal Act VIRANESIR is out today through Merdumgiriz Records

Viranesir - Childrens Suicide Music

Children’s Suicide Music is designed to provide an entertaining means of teaching children about the importance of losing hope. The 43-minute album, recorded with the Blliigghhtted line-up Emir, Merdumgiriz and Ruhanathanas, is continuing the drum and synth based bad trip of the sophomore “Kill Your Repulsive Child”. This time around, the music can best be described as Doom Metal without guitars, maybe suitable to call this album “Blackened Doom Synth”. Merdumgiriz’ vast and psychotic drumming alongside Ruhan’s and Emirs expansive and suffocating synths create the backdrop to mostly echo soaked chanted vocals. While having a ritualistic background, the music is very progressive in both style and form. Each song shows a great deal of variety in terms of musical ideas both within and without, while keeping a nostalgic overtone. The dreamlike lyrics are written in a time of depression that made the principle songwriter lock himself in a room for 6 months and they are meant to be a propagandist tale to make depressed children lose all hope and commit suicide. The music, composed at that same dark times is as unrelenting and dreamlike as the dungeons that the dark but strong cathedral production and psychotically depressive melodies present. Overall, this album is not only presenting an unarguably unique experience, but also one that is strangely addictive.

VIRANESIR birthed itself as an experimental musical project created by YAYLA mastermind Emir Toğrul. Originally intended as the solo project of the fictional main character in the film “Drink From The Fountain Of Uncertainty”. The project has released 6 full-length albums and a split since its inception, ranging from psychedelic synthpunk to experimental death metal.

As with all his work on Merdumgiriz Records, Emir Toğrul’s grand vision, each copy of the “Children’s Suicide Music: ((Ritual Of (Love) Is The Key))” CD and Tape will be made by hand in the artisanal style. Emir paints the discs, cuts and inserts the prints for the jewel case and jacket, making all non-machined parts from scratch. All current and upcoming merch comes to fans direct from the hand of the creator himself.

Antimaster Keys
Darkness Always Prevails
In The Underground
Void Base


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