DARKEND: new album ready to be delivered; artwork & tracklist

Darkend - The Canticle of Shadows

Italian extreme ritual metallers DARKEND have completed the recording of their third album titled “The Canticle Of Shadows”, mixed and mastered by Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance) and published in a first limited edition containing bonus tracks and some additional artwork.

The album will feature performances by some of the pillars of the old metal scene soon to be revealed, while the release date is still

1. Clavicula Salomonis
2. Of The Defunct
3. A Precipice Towards Abyssal Caves (Inmost Chasm, I)
4. Il Velo Delle Ombre
5. A Passage Through Abysmal Caverns (Inmost Chasm, II)
6. Sealed In Black Moon And Saturn
7. Congressus Cum Dæmone

More information at:

[tisková zpráva]

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