Finnish Industrial metal band The Physicists releases new album and three videos

Probably the only scientist metal band in the world, ThE Physicists from Helsinki, Finland, releases their second album “My love is dead” 03.10.2015. 3 videos have been picked up from the content and will be released before the publication. The first one, titled “Sundae”, can be found lurking behind the link below:

Sundae is the opening song of the album and probably the darkest one of the lot. “My love is dead” is not a cheery album in general either. Well there are a few Swiss alpine choirs here and there”: says ThE PhysicistS frontman MC Omega zero.

My love is dead is a collection of stories of individuals trying to cope and survive with aging, sex, work, drugs and office equipment in a world that is precisely defined but doesn´t believe in anything. By writing the songs through fictional characters one can be more honest, there is a no self-censorship included.”

Sundae is named after the McDonalds icecream

We are waiting for a law suit. We really kinda hunger to get in contact with the lawyers of the multinational complex. Layers are a really interesting breed, like us physicists they live in a world not many understand. We have the M-theory and all that stringshit defining the existence of the physical world. They have endless and very complex arrays of legislatures and statutes defining ethics. We could surely make art together.”

[tisková zpráva]

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