New LLUVIA album available on CD

Lluvia - Eternidad solemne

Mexican one-man black metal act LLUVIA (formerly known as THE RAIN IN ENDLESS FALL) released a CD edition of the sophomore record “Eternidad Solemne” on December 30th via Hellthrasher Productions.

The follow-up to the band’s debut LP “Premonition de Guerra”, the album features 8 brand new tracks of vast and captivating atmospheric black metal, perfectly blending the harshness with epic, triumphant chord progressions. The material was entirely tracked and mixed by the band’s sole member Lord Vast (ex-Wylve, Blut Der Nacht) with mastering duties handled by Dan Swano. Originally released on vinyl via Fallen Empire / Amor Fati Records (currently out of print), the album is available now as a limited digipak edition with diecut slipcase  + two patches (only for the die-hard version).

Eternidad Solemne track listing:

Vientos de Olvido
Rito de Melancolia
Eternidad Solemne
Enterramiento en la Lluvia
Ahogando la Luz

Stream the complete album at this location:

[tisková zpráva]

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