NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST signs with Selfmadegod Records; new album coming summer 2016

Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the signing of Poland’s NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST to release their debut album sometime in 2016.

NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST was born in spring 2015 and has already gained some reputation with their straightforward and intense grindcore in the old good way as well as some live shows including festival appearances. The band is hard at work writing their debut full length to be recorded early 2016. Tentative release date is set for summer 2016.

“Mutant Inferno” demo is available in its entirety at the band’s Bandcamp and can be streamed at this location

NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST is a new band born in Świdnik in April 2015. in August they released a demo called ‘Mutant Inferno’ which met with a very positive response – the band was offered shows at Into the Abyss Festival (along with Dead Congregation and Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench, to name just a few),  Mini Merciless Festival, and also in Ireland, along with the Dead Goats, in collaboration with  Polish Metal Promotions.

Nuclear Holocaust

In the next few months ‘Mutant Inferno’ will be released as  split MC (Massacre Distro), split CD (Defense Records/Mythrone Promotion) and split 12’LP (Devil’s Nun Records), in each case accompanied by different bands.

The band’s full lenght album is going to be released in June 2016 by Selfmadegod Records.

For a quick reference, you can think of this album as Pig Destroyer’s Terrifyer with a big heaping dose of Black Flag and early Offspring…fed through a meat grinder…and recorded by radioactive mutants.” –

[tisková zpráva]

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