Plage album details revealed

Plage - Den kristne stankPlage album details revealed

PLAGE is a traditional black metal band founded by Exord and Blizzard in 2011. In 2012 they got completed by Vrede and Zorn. A first demo-cd was released in 2013 – limited to 100 copies and immediately sold-out. They are located in Lübeck (Northern Germany) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

The new album ‚Den Kristne Stank’ will be released on April 10th 2015 by Alusia Productionsand offers you eight tracks of archaic black metal.

Guest musicians:
Ynleborgaz (Angantyr) – Additional vocals
Hades (BlackShore) – Additional vocals

Tracklisting for PLAGE’s Den Kristne Stank

1. En Hedensk Kriger
2. Your Gods Fall
3. Chained by Flesh
4. I am Death
5. Den Kannibalske Hærskare
6. Den Kristne Stank
7. Ihjelslår
8. Himlen til Blods


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