Scott Kelly’s debut LP to be released on vinyl alongside a brand new 3-track 12”

Scott Kelly, Chve

Scott Kelly’s debut LP ‘Spirit Bound Flesh’ to be released for the first time on vinyl alongside a brand new 3-track 12” on January 15th

Scott Kelly (Neurosis) will be releasing two records to coincide with his tour alongside Colin H. van Eeckhout (AMENRA) via My Proud Mountain; the Spirit Bound Flesh LP will be available on vinyl for the first time, limited to 400 solid red and 300 black, as well as the arrival of Push Me On To The Sun, containing three brand new songs on a one sided, etched 12“ vinyl. My Proud Mountain are pleased to announce the imminent release of these two musical outputs, both of which shall see dawn of day on 15th January 2016. Read on for more info…

Scott Kelly’s debut solo release from 2001, Spirit Bound Flesh, will soon be available for the first time on vinyl having originally only been released on CD under Neurot Recordings (Kelly’s record label with his brothers in Neurosis). Spirit Bound Flesh sees guitar chords spiral into a trance state, an incantation singed with silence. Driven from the soul, these are songs of faith tested, and truth realized. The distant thunder of past experience comes to reality over an unstoppable drone of reflection and ascension. Honest. Sparse. Dark. Deeply personal. Journey through the eye of the storm.

Spirit Bound Flesh Tracklisting:
1. I Don’t Feel You Anymore
2. The Passage
3. In Her Room
4. Return To All
5. Sacred Heart
6. Flower
7. Through My Existence
8. The Honor Of My Prisoner


On the same release date (15/01), a further three brand new songs from Kelly shall also be available on a one-sided 12” vinyl, entitled Push Me On To The Sun. Speaking on the inspiration behind the three heartfelt tracks, Kelly says “Push Me On To The Sun is a song about my children and some of my regrets about and deepest wishes for their lives.  ‘Endless’ is a story about how drugs and violence affected my life. ‘Wash Of The Sea’ is about the suffering that is ever present in life’s experience”.

Push Me Onto The Sun Tracklisting:
1. Endless
2. Push Me On To The Sun
3. The Wash Of The Sea

Nate Hall (U.S. Christmas) eloquently sums up Kelly’s musical majesty with the following truthful words:
Scott Kelly can reach beyond what most people hear. There is a place that speaks to him, to me, and on and on. We may not understand these strange connections, but we all know there is something there that guides us. This is the way things are. And we are all blessed to be in this small space to feel it. And then we come to redemption. Forgiveness. The world beyond our world. If you think this is a stretch, then you don’t know anything. With his unmistakable deep growl, his fearless lyrical honesty, and rich, spare guitar work, Mr. Kelly lays everything on the line. Only a true artist would be so willingly and completely exposed. So intensely focused on truth, redemption, and healing. So in tune with the song he has always heard inside. His path has been a narrow, dark, and difficult one. But with his most recent work, Scott Kelly shows that his strength and vision has endured it all.

These releases coincide nicely with Kelly’s EU tour with Belgium’s Colin H van Eeckhout (Church of Ra) which begins today. This marks the first time Kelly has embarked on a solo tour since 2012 with both artists performing in very different guises from their respective bands, presenting stripped back and intimate, personal music from their own songbooks. Find all dates and a tour trailer below…

CHVE also recently released his debut solo album Rasa, available through Consouling Sounds and Tartarus Records (listen through their Bandcamp). Comprised of his voice and the hurdy-gurdy, Rasa is a series of droning, ambient soundscapes that dig deeper than folk, directly in to the consciousness of Eeckhout.


13.01. NL-Leiden, Gebroeders de Nobel
14.01. BE-Antwerp, Het Bos
15.01. NL-Tilburg, Pauluskerk
16.01 – Scott Kelly – GER | Dortmund | Pauluskirche *SOLO SHOW THIS NIGHT ONLY
16.01 – CHVE – BE-Aalst, Netwerk w/ Tine Guns *SOLO SHOW THIS NIGHT ONLY
17.01. BE-Arlon, l’Entrepot
18.01. GER-Karlsruhe, Jubez
19.01. GER-Berlin, Grüner Salon
20.01. CZ-Prague, Klub V. Kolona
21.01. GER-Leipzig, UT Connewitz
22.01. AT-Vienna, Arena
23.01. AT-Bregenz, Between
24.01. CH-Fribourg, Nouveau Monde
25.01. IT-Torino, Spazio 211
26.01. CH-Olten, Coq d’Or
27.01. CH-Geneva, L’Usine
28.01. FR-Lille, La Peniche
29.01. FR-Bordeaux, Iboat
30.01. FR-Cannes, MJC Picaud
31.01. IT-Milano, Lo Fi Club
1.02. CH-Zurich, Dynamo

Scott Kelly says of the upcoming dates: Getting a chance to come back to Europe is always an honor and it’s a place where I have always felt so much support for any artistic project that I have created. I very much look forward to traveling and performing with my brother  Colin H van Eeckhout , he and I are like minded in art and values and I believe we will bring a significant show to each town we play. It’s been quite a few years of my and Colin’s friendship leading up to this moment I feel like the weight of this will be felt. I’m very much looking forward to this experience.

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