SHOW ME WOLVES’ The World They Took Over to be released 16th of January

Show Me Wolves - The World They Took Over

The World They Took Over, the new full length by Icelandic Progressive Extreme Metal band Show Me Wolves will be available through London-based Merdumgiriz Records on January 16th 2016.

8 songs of technical swirling and heaviness divide the 38-minute album. The violent throaty vocals are creating trees upon the mountains of technical guitars and thick drums. The music is an extreme progressive metal art that is totally a thing on its own. It is seamlessly connecting many styles of extreme art into a dissonant dance of strings. There is a good deal of emotions explored throughout the album of varying ideas and tools, but with more anger than before. The synths are an addition to the project that fits its ethereal music perfectly. The production is very clean yet super strong which makes for a very strong experience. This is a very innovative album that is a well worthy addition to the madness of Merdumgiriz releases. It is worth mentioning the strong and unique character of the person making this album that far surpasses the so called “dark” musicians.

Show Me Wolves is a solo project that was created in February 2015 by Hörður Lúðvíksson, currently located in Reykjavík/Iceland. Hörður have been involved in the Icelandic underground music scene in bands like Offerings, Provoke and is currently a guitarist for the hardcore/grindcore band Grit Teeth. The band Show Me Wolves does not think much about following a specific music genre but tries to stay within the black/death/progmetal scene.

As with all his work on Merdumgiriz Records, Emir Toğrul‘s grand vision, each copy of The World They Took Over CD, Tape, t-shirt and patch will be made by hand in the artisanal style.

Pure Grain Audio has posted an exclusive premier of the track “Tabula Rasa” at this location:

Birth (Intro)
Tabula Rasa
Exit The Realm Of The Living
Transparent Figures
Gates In The Shadow
The World They Took Over

[tisková zpráva]

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