THE MOTH GATHERER premiere lyric video for “Attacus Atlas”

The Moth Gatherer - The Earth Is the Sky

Swedish atmospheric doom, sludge, post-rock mavericks, THE MOTH GATHERER, have released a lyric video for their new song, “Attacus Atlas”. The song is a part of the band’s forthcoming album, “The Earth Is The Sky”, set to be released on November 27th via Agonia Records. Wtach the lyric video at this link:

Commented by the band: “The Earth Is The Sky is an album where we tried to take everything as far as we could. There where points during the recording where we honestly spoke about giving up and calling it a day, it felt like we would crumble under the album. But we suffered through. The result is a desperation about how humanity drags it all to the end. Where A Bright Celestial Light was an introvert journey into decay, The Earth Is The Sky is a journey to the highest point on Earth where you sit down and contemplate about our existence while watching the flames from the burning world”.

The album features notable guests, including: David Johansson (Kongh), Wacian(Code), The Cuukoo (Terra Tenebrosa) and Thomas Jäger (Monolord).

“The Earth Is The Sky” was recorded over a period of two years in three different studios. Mixing & mastering duties were taken care of by Karl Daniel Lidén (Dozer,The Old Wind, Switchblade, Terra Tenebrosa). The artwork has been made by SCG, while Swedish printer, EJG, prepared the layout, creating an exclusive painting for each of the six tracks on the album.

Available formats:
– CD,
– black LP,
– green LP,
– blue LP,
– yellow LP,
– digital.

Pre-orders are available at:

1. Pale Explosions
2. Attacus Atlas
3. Probing The Descent of Man
4. Dyatlov Pass
5. The Black Antlers
6. In Awe Before The Rapture

Alex – Bass and Vocals
Victor – Guitars, Electronics and Vocals
Svante – Drums

Listen to the first single, “Pale Explosions”, at:

THE MOTH GATHERER on-line: Records:

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