VORKREIST unveil plans for new EP and stream new song

Vorkreist - Sacrifice

French black/death metallers, VORKREIST, will release their new EP titled “Sacrifice” on January 29th via Agonia Records. Cover artwork prepared by Brianvdp (Coffins, Grave Miasma, Antaeus) is available for viewing below. Listen to the band’s new song, “Losing Sanity Key”, via Decibel Magazine at this link:


The EP will feature two exclusive, twisted-death-black metal tracks, mixed at Vamacara Studio (Order of Apollyon, the 135, Khaos Dei).

Commented by the band: “Chaotic and weak lives, from ashes to ashes, from dust to dust. What appeared so intense and bright soon fades away into oblivion and bitter haze. Human fears this black hole beyond us sucking our lives… There is a way to win, as She did. To give a life a meaning, by following a direction. This direction is Lower. It requires madness, by losing sanity key. With a new strength to overcome death. Through Sacrifice”.

“Sacrifice” will be available in:
splatter 10″ MLP
black 10″ MLP
– black 10″ MLP + T-shirt bundle

Side A: “losing sanity key”
Side B: “lower (all is black)”

Pre-orders are available at:

VORKREIST is a band widely active in the French underground metal scene, with a line-up that makes up the perfect black/death metal picture, including members of Hell Militia, Merrimack, Glorior Belli and Blacklodge. The band’s creative potential is strengthened by restless mastermind, A.K., known for his imaginative post-black metal side-project, Decline Of The I. VORKREIST have earned themselves a solid stage reputation performing with acts such as Belphegor, Dodheimsgard, Kaamos, Ofermod, Code or Kampfar.

Saint Vincent – vocals
A.K. – guitar
Es-X – guitar
Narcotic – bass
Dave Terror – drums

VORKREIST on-line:

Agonia Records:

[tisková zpráva]

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