Russian Nordic Ritual Folk / Ambient project “Nytt Land” presented its new LP album «Hávamál»

Nytt Land
Russian Nordic Ritual Folk / Ambient project “Nytt Land” presented its new LP album «Hávamál».

– Based on years of musical experience, a deep study of musical traditions and culture of Scandinavia, on the border of archaic and modern technology, we have created a project “Nytt Land”. All text’s on the album is taken from the second and biggest verse “Elder Edda” (Edda Sæmundar) – “Speeches High” (Hávamál) and executed on the Old Norse language; on it were written the song “Elder Edda”. Most of the musical material played on Norse instruments: tagelharpa, seljefloyte, frame-drum, jew’s harp.

“Nytt Land” – is the mystic nature of her inner life, embodied by a musical instrument in the form of music album, and this ritual Nytt Land, because nature itself is ritual.”

The album was recorded at the studio “Visa” in March – April 2015
Soundproducer – Anatoly Pahalenko
Designer – Bogdan Teslenk


01 – Opnun
02 – Gáttir allar
03 – Bú er betra
04 – Ár skal rísa
05 – Frysta
06 – Þagalt og hugalt
07 – Veit-a hinn
08 – Þat er þá reynt


Natalya Pahalenko (harpa, vocal, jew’s-harp)
Anatoly Pahalenko (tagelharpa, fiddle, flutes, litvin’s duda, jew’s-harp, frame-drum, samples)
Sergey Silitcky (jew’s-harp, overune flute, tambourine)

Web –

See the teaser for their upcoming album here

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