Yhdarl: živák z Brutal Assaultu

V roce 2017 odehráli maniaci z Yhdarl improvizovaný set na nejmenší stagi Brutal Assaultu. Vystoupení bylo zaznamenáno, lehce zvukově opracováno a dnes si ho již můžete poslechnout na Bandcampu kapely. Následuje pár slov od kapelníka:

Once in a lifetime.
Yhdarl took a triheaded-hydra shape on that 11th of August 2017, in Czech Republic. The set was a pure improvisation, without one second of planning. This was, is and will always be the main purpose of Yhdarl. “One of the sickest of chaotic black metal entities”, we were told.

On that faithful night, the line up was:
Déhà: Vocals, guitars
Ahephaïm: Drums, noises, vocals
S Caedes: Guest vocals

We started the show with 20 people, sat down on the ground, expecting the Keep to stay as unmoved. When we started the show, a lot of these people left, but only to see a lot more of people coming up in the front. The Keep was soon to be quite full. For we are unknown, we are grateful to those who attended.

The concert was recorded, and despite some small technical problems, we managed to take everything home thanks to Přemek Ondra. We don’t forget, brother.

Déhà mixed and mastered it the best possible to keep this “insane” chaos intact.

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