Horizon of the Mute: debut mini album to be released on CD

Horizon of the Mute - Horizon of the Mute Finnish drone & industrial influenced doom/death metal orchestra Horizon of the Mute has agreed to release its’ self-titled mini album on CD through Morbid Syndicate (division of Metal Music Austria). Distribution will be handled by Morbid Syndicate and in the U.S. by The End Records. Official CD release date is May 20th. Originally the mini album was self-released digitally in March 2016 by Horizon of the Mute. The digital version is available on Bandcamp, Spotify and other digital platforms. Second YouTube sample song “Wall of Eridanus” has now been published for free streaming at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDegvCxxTsE

Horizon of the Mute features one single member Jani Koskela, previously of 0xíst, Let Me Dream & Saattue. Horizon of the Mute logo and mini album cover art were designed by Peter Takács.

H.O.T.M Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/horizonofthemute
H.O.T.M Bandcamp: https://horizonofthemute.bandcamp.com

[tisková zpráva]

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