Adaestuo: o nové desce

Umbra Dei vydají CD a LP nového alba Adaestuo už v březnu a na Bandcampu kapely si můžete pustit dvě nové skladby. „Manalan Virrat“ nabídne celkem 9 kompozic složených a zaznamenaných během kapelního pobytu v Laponsku.

01. The Bones Have Been Cast 02. Walpurgisnacht 03. Gorgona 04. Vaa’as 05. Citadel of Submersion 06. Moss and Stone 07. Encircling Vultures 08. Grave Monologue 09. Cage à Pilori

A shadow thrice upon the desolate white… ADAESTUO manifests yet another opaque and sinister prism with which the beholder may find the gate to obliteration or transcendence. MANALAN VIRRAT serves to document the sabbatical taken by Adaestuo between Ostara and Walpurgisnacht 2017, during which the coven isolated themselves in a hermitage far north of the Arctic Circle. Nine flames, or movements, capture the genius loci of these tundral barrens completely apart from the fetid world of men, steeped in boreal viciousness and shamanic gnosis. Unlimited and fearless in approach, Adaestuo proves once again that it aims to lay waste to the preconceptions adhered to by the uninitiated, and Manalan Virrat serves as a dire sign along the path to these ambitions. May these polar gales bring pestilence and poise to all who have dared to join us on this harrowing journey thus far, and may this audial testimony foreshadow the depths yet to come.

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