Akhlys: další nová skladba

Druhou zveřejněnou skladbou z očekávané nové desky Akhlys je „Ephialtes“, kterou si můžete pustit na Bandcampu Debemur Morti. Vydání samotné desky předchází i rozhovor na webu Bardo Methodology a níže máte komentář ke skladbě samotné z webu Metal Injection.

„I wanted this track to evoke an aura of immediate and sustained panic, and so I took a more direct approach, going right for the jugular, so to speak. It needed to be vicious and with less adornment to sufficiently relay this. ‘Ephialtes’ is the embodiment of the immediate and primordial dread that arises in such encounters. It was actually the last track I composed and ended up replacing another which simply did not make the cut. I had not planned on writing another song but then the opening riff just came to me one night. That initial riff simply invoked this perfect sense of panic and dread that I had been chasing over the months of composing for the album. The rest of the track just grew from this first composition.“

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