In Twilight’s Embrace – new album soon

It is time. „The Grim Muse“, the third opus of In Twilight’s Embrace will be unleashed on 15th September via Arachnophobia Records.

With its release planned for this summer’s final days, „The Grim Muse“ contains the band’s most introspective material to date. At the same time, the album finds In Twilight’s Embrace at the peak of ferocity and restlessness. Captured by bass player Marcin Rybicki at his own Left Hand Sound, the record showcases the rabid take on Death Metal, a dismal sense of melody and advance into ever darker territories. Driven by bitterness, disillusion and doubt, „The Grim Muse“ is the defining work of In Twilight’s Embrace. The venture is about to begin.

In Twilight's Embrace

„Into the dark we wander,
With torches in hands
Yet no god in our hearts“

Cover artwork by Robert A. von Ritter, layout by Kontamination Design. The album will be available in a classic jewelcase CD format.

[tisková zpráva]

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