Non Opus Dei: New album „Diabeł“ out soon

Non Opus Dei. New album – “Diabeł”. Out by Witching Hour, autumn 2015 (

Recorded at Bat Studio in Olsztyn, mixed and mastered by Haldor of SatanicAudio. (

Bartek Rogalewicz ( is working on the graphics.

The lyrics and the idea behind the album are inspired by the cult of the Devil (Diabeł) in Poland, with an emphasis on the territory of Warmia.

Video teaser: (by Bartek Rogalewicz

The Devil shall be exalted by ten hymns:

1 Milk of Toads
2 In the Angles of Her Sigil
3 Władca Ropuch
4 gold-finding Hen, kiss-finding Whore
5 The other side of the Mushroom
6 Pustka Twoja we mnie
7 Trickster – Shapeshifter
8 Plony
9 Oko kruka, głowa anioła
10 The Tenfold Gift

[tisková zpráva]

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