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The newest NON OPUS DEI record “Diabeł” (“The Devil”) will be released on September 18. The album consists of ten tracks. The band’s seventh effort is a mix of both brutallity and authentic atmosphere. It’s a true, diabolical black metal concept inspired by the devil cults in Poland. The album was recorded in BAT STUDIO. Mixed and mastered by Haldor in SatanicAudio ( Cover art and layout was designed by Bartek Rogalewicz (

The album will be released on September 18 as an eco pack with booklet. The vinyl edition  with alternative cover art nad both transparent (100 copies) and black (200 copies) will be released on October 18.

You can already preorder the album at:

Below you can check out the teaser from the upcoming album:



1. Milk of Toads
2. In the Angles of Her Sigil
3. Władca Ropuch
4. gold-finding Hen, kiss-finding Whore
5. The other side of the Mushroom
6. Pustka Twoja we mnie
7. Trickster – Shapeshifter
8. Plony
9. Oko kruka, głowa anioła
10. The Tenfold Gift

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