Molassess - Through the Hollow

Molassess: debut v říjnu

Debutové album psychedelických rockerů Molassess, kde působí zpěvačka The Devil’s Blood, se jmenuje „Through the Hollow“ a vyjde 16. října u Season of Mist. K dispozici máme obal, tracklist a pár slov od kapely samotné.

„We have been impatiently waiting to reveal to you the embodiment of our first venture downwards. After our one and only performance as a new pack we kept on digging, and we can’t be more thrilled about where it has taken us so far: ‘Through The Hollow’. She proudly carries forth seeds of the past, present, and future and cuts loose entirely within the new sonic search of Molassess. We are deeply looking forward to show you what this means as it will soon surface. Keep an eye and ear out. Until soon.“

01. Through the Hollow (11:06) 02. Get Out from Under (06:50) 03. Formless Hands (10:54) 04. Corpse of Mind (04:58) 05. The Maze of Stagnant Time (04:03) 06. I Am No Longer (06:21) 07. Death Is (04:54) 8. Tunnel (05:21) 09. The Devil Lives (10:33)

Molassess - Through the Hollow

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