Fractal Generator embrace the astral heights of Apotheosynthesis, stream new track!

Fractal Generator - Apotheosynthesis

Cosmic death metallers Fractal Generator are gearing up to release their finely-crafted début full-length Apotheosynthesis. Mechanical, calculated riffs weave around synths plucked from space, and a steadfast grunt reminds us of our fleeting mortality.

You can stream “Face Of The Apocalypse” from the album on No Clean Singing here:…/

NCS commented, “although there are certainly mechanistic, sci-fi qualities about the music, it also displays the kind of bestial death metal savagery that transports you not into the future, but into a kind of primordial past when kill or be killed was the rule of they day and everything was red of tooth and claw.

The tracklisting is as follows:
1. Cycle
2. Face Of The Apocalypse
3. Abandon Earth
4. Into the Unknown
5. Paragon
6. Human
7. The Singularity
8. Synthetic Symbiosis
9. Reflections

RIYL: Wormed, Defeated Sanity, Deicide.

Praise for Fractal Generator:
It’s the kind of music you imagine the T-1000 listening to while impaling pathetic humans with liquid metal blades.” – Isolation Grind

Apotheosynthesis is an ever moving force of energy that cannot be stopped.” – Cadaver Garden

Fractal Generator are:
040118180514 – Bass, Vocals
040114090512 – Drums
102119200914 – Guitar, Vocals

Fractal Generator online:

[tisková zpráva]

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