Fecal Body Incorporated: novinka na cestě

Bulharští grindeři Fecal Body Incorporated budou vydávat novou fošnu. Jmenuje se „The Art of Carnal Decay“ a k mání bude od 1. září u Mediaplan Group. Přebal se nachází zde, tracklist následuje:

01. Born in H2SO4 02. Skulls Colector 03. Cannibal Rising 04. Superior Bloodbath 05. Scent of Gutted 06. Psychobutchery Philosophy 07. Erotic Malicious Cock Castration 08. Gorepistemology 09. Vulva Exhibition 10. The Face of Death

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  1. The setlist of the album is wrong:

    1.Skulls Collector
    2.Vulva Exhibition
    3.Erotic Malicious Cock Castration
    4.Cannibal Rising
    6.Superior Bloodbath
    7.The Face Of Death
    8.Born In H2SO4
    9.Psychobutchery Philosophy
    10.Scent Of Gutted

    total time:34:02 min

    Bonus Tracks

    11.Treasures Of Anatomy-(Haemorrhage cover)
    12.Pro Rectal Carnage-(Necrony cover)
    13.Orgy In Mucupurulent Blood-(Disgorged Foetus cover)

    1. Well, I copied from somewhere so it was surely wrong there. I of course always try to use the official sources so it could be incorrectly stated by the label or something? But still, thanks for the correction.

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