• Cadaveria




    Greetings to Italy! If you don’t mind, I’d start with maybe a little tougher question. You released new edition of your latest album circa two months ago so the very first question just suggests itself – why did you decide to do it? I of course know there are two bonus songs but… well, I’ll dare to be honest – despite I like the band’s music and “Horror Metal” as well, I’m not sure if I see a reason in releasing the album for the second time in a year after the original version just because of two bonus songs. I would definitely understand it if the original edition was already sold out but as ...

  • In Vain (2013)



    In Vain

    Hello! If you don’t mind, I would like to start with a few questions about In Vain’s history. The band was founded in 2003 and your first demo was released one year later. I couldn’t find anywhere whether any of the founding members, including yourself, has played in any other band as of time when the band was born so I’d like to ask if you have played anywhere before In Vain. I’m asking that mainly because even your early works “Will the Sun Ever Rise?” and “Wounds” sound very sophisticated to me – so much that it might be a little bit difficult to believe they were created without any previous ...

  • Ov Hollowness



    Ov Hollowness

    Hello to Canada! How are you? Winter is slowly fading away here in the middle of European continent but there are still some snowy days and low temperatures… how is the weather in your region at the moment? Which type of weather do you like the most? Some photos on the band’s Facebook seem a little bit like you could be a fan of winter… | I thought and hoped that winter was over but today again I see snow falling. Winter is slowly fading away, but maybe not fast enough, it has been too cold, time for a change. I do like it though; visually it is quite nice and gloomy. I like photography as ...

  • Crest of Darkness



    Crest of Darkness

    Hello to Norway! Crest of Darkness was founded in mid-nineties, which means in the period of time that many of today’s fans consider to be something like “the golden age of black metal” despite the genre was on the pure edge of musical scene back then. I know that you used to play in a prog/power metal band Conception in that time – why did you decide to start a new project with a music belonging to maybe the most extreme genre in that time? It’s quite big difference between the Conception’s style and black metal… | It was great playing with Conception. We had a lot of fun, we released ...

  • Jarun




    Hello, Zagreus! I would like to start the interview with some general facts about the band and about your music. The very first question won’t be much complicated – what does the name of the band, Jarun, actually mean? I couldn’t find its meaning anywhere… | Hello! There’s nothing special about this name. Nothing special is hiding behind it anyway. It’s just a name taken from ancient Slavic mythology. Jarun was poorly known, local deity of vegetation, spring and fertility, known mainly among the eastern Slavs. Little is actually known about him and he’s quite a mysterious figure. But the fact that I took the name from Slavic mythology doesn’t mean that we ...

  • Fen




    Hello! I would like to start the interview with some general questions about the band and also some questions about Fen’s history, if you don’t mind. First of all, I would like to ask you about the band’s name. I’ve read somewhere that you chose your name as a reference to a region in eastern England known as The Fens, or also Fenlands – is that right? I guess this area is somehow special for you since you named your band after it… could you briefly explain why did you choose it’s name? Anyway, as far as I know, the band is from London, but London isn’t a part of The Fens, so how ...

  • Panikk




    Hello! You play pretty heavy music so let’s start with pretty heavy question. You claim that you play Bay Area influenced thrash metal. That’s surely cool, but someone could say it would be more logical to play European style of thrash since you’re from Europe… so why do you present yourself with American style? Do you prefer US thrash metal also as a listeners? | We love both styles of thrash but we’re closer to Bay Area style even as you mentioned as listeners so we’re therefore more influenced by Bay Area bands but that doesn’t mean we don’t like European thrash bands because we sure do. In our music we try ...

  • Saille




    Hello to Belgium. Your new album “Ritu” is out just a few days, but new reviews keep appearing for a longer time. From those which I have seen it seems like there are only excellent ratings. How do you in the band like the feedback you have received so far? Are you satisfied with how metal journalists and listeners rate the album? | Reinier: Of course we are, since all of them are very positive indeed, it makes us proud and it’s an implication our hard work paid off. It is great when you create something, other people enjoy it as well and react in a positive manner. | The very first ...

  • Darkend




    Greetings to Italy! First of all, I would like to ask one thing – do you prefer name Dark End or Darkend? I have seen both versions, so I am not really sure about it… I am using Dark End in following questions, so I hope I chose the right one (laughs) | Greetings to you, Czech Republic! Ahah, hmm I’m sorry but you chose the wrong one! To understand this little difference you should know that the moniker “Darkend” derives first of all from an artifice commonly used in the esoteric tradition either to conceal the truth or to convey to the reader a message that transcends the written text: the Anagram. The name of the ...

  • Blaze Bayley



    Blaze Bayley

    Hello Blaze! First of all, I would like to ask how are you? What are you doing these days? | Hello, I am very busy at the moment. I have started my European Leg of the King of Metal world tour and it has been going really well so far. | You are now preparing a tour called „The King of Metal Tour“, which also contains five dates in the Czech Republic. How excited are you about this tour? Have you prepared something special for the fans? I suppose there will be songs off the new record „The King of Metal“… what else? Are you going to play some stuff from Wolfsbane and Iron ...

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