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    If there was a competition of the most lunatic band name ever, I cannot imagine anyone who would be able to beat this Belorussian act. However, although the name is probably the very first thing everyone will notice, there are many more interesting issues around the project. All this together was the reason why we have decided to contact the band and ask a few questions not only about the name, but also about the whole concept or the upcoming full-length album… | Hello to Belarus and thanks for doing this interview! First of all, I would like to sort of apologize that I will ask so many questions about the band’s name ...

  • Forndom (part 2)




    The promised second part of the interview with the Swedish act Forndom is here. While the first part (read it here in case you have not read it before) dealt mostly with music itself and subjects around music, the second one focuses on more general topics. Questions were of course again answered by H. L. H. Swärd, the solely member of Forndom. | Apart from Facebook, one can find Forndom also on Tumblr which is focused rather on photos than music which is slightly out of the common for a musical act. How did you get into photography? Do you consider yourself to be more a musician or a photographer? | ...

  • Forndom (part 1)




    Swedish neofolk / dark ambient act Forndom gained wider publicity last year after the official release of EP “Flykt” –deservedly, since the record’s atmosphere is quite captivating. The first effort was recently accompanied by the full-length album “Dauðra dura” which was a proper reason to contact H. L. H. Swärd, the mainman behind the band, and ask him a few questions. The interview is split into two parts. The first one, which focuses on music and other related subjects, follows below. The second one will be published in a few days… | Hello! The very first question will not be much original but it is probably still worth asking – ...

  • Musk Ox



    Musk Ox

    Hello Nathanaël! How are you? What do you up to lately? | Hello and thank you for taking the time to interview me! I have been hard at work lately finishing my new solo album as well as the second album from my instrumental metal band The Night Watch. They are both sounding great and I am excited to release them. I am also working on writing the new Musk Ox album. | You found Musk Ox in 2005 strongly influenced, as stated on the band’s website, by Ulver, Empyrium, Tenhi and October Falls. Did you have a concrete idea which musical direction you would like to follow from the very beginning? In hindsight, ...

  • Lelahell




    Hello! Let’s start with a simple question. What does the word „Lelahell“ actually mean? Google Translator told me that it should mean something like „for parents“ in Arabic… is it a good translation? | Lelahel (with one ‘l’ letter in the end) is an angel of the zodiac exercising dominion over love, art, science and fortune. We appeal to this being of light for good luck and good fortune. We added an ‘l’ because there is already an italian rock band named Lelahel, and Lelahel is also my nickname. so to make difference between them I added a second ‘l’ in the end of Lelahel. So it is a completely a ...

  • Duck Explosion



    Duck Explosion

    Hello to France! Let’s start right away with a question – this one won’t be much original but how would you introduce the band to someone who has never heard about you before? Let’s say someone like this reads this interview… how would you convince him that Duck Explosion is the band he should listen to? | Thanks to you and thanks for the great review! We really like it! My name is Wil and I’m the cofounder of the band and I play guitar. Duck Explosion was created by me and my friends and roommates Jey Bridge. A common passion leads us: ROCK!! 70’s rock for one for one and ...

  • Infectious Hate



    Infectious Hate

    Hello to France! Tell us something about yourselves first… I know this is a cliche question but how would you introduce the band to someone who has never heard of you before? What would you like to achieve under Infectious Hate banner? And what’s your musical background? Did you play or still play in any other bands or is Infectious Hate your first musical project? | Léo: I usually introduce us as a Death Metal band that mixes other influences, allowing us to stay accessible while playing extreme music. My own goal is really to have fun doing this and so far it’s pretty much a success, I really hope to play into ...

  • Netra



    Netra - Sørbyen

    Hello Steven! The very first question will be a little bit unsual – where are you at the moment? I know that you moved to Norway before creating “Sørbyen”… do you still live in Norway or have you moved anywhere else since then? | I left Norway about a year ago and I currently live in Darmstadt, Germany. | I’ve read that Norway was the main source of inspiration for “Sørbyen”, is that right? Why did you decide to move there? Do you think that the second album of Netra would be completely different if you didn’t move to Norway, or do you think there would be some similarities? | I moved to Norway for professional reasons ...

  • Herrschaft




    Hello! Let’s start with a simple question. The band comes from France but the name Herrschaft – if I am not mistaken – comes from German language. Why is it so? Does it have any special meaning, or did you choose German name just because it sounds good? | MaX: Of course you could think that having a German name for an electro Metal band just “sounds cool”, but it’s a little bit more complex than that. We chose Herrschaft by its German meaning, close to “reign”, or “domination”. First of all this meaning fit perfectly the theme of our two first albums, based on the reign & domination of humanity ...

  • Yossi Sassi



    Yossi Sassi

    Hello! Let’s start with some questions about Orphaned Land… Last year, Matti Svatizky left Orphaned Land after twenty one years of being a founding member. It’s not unusual that two guitarists who play together for such a long time develop some sixth sense between them which helps them to predict the other one during composing a new material or during playing live. Was it similar between you and Matti? And how does it work with new OL’s guitarist, Chen Balbus? Wasn’t it difficult to get comfortable with Chen since you were – as I suppose – used to Matti’s style of playing? Did you yourself have to change anything in your ...