Dragged into Sunlight

Dragged into Sunlight: nové vydání

Prosthetic Records zavěsili na Bandcamp novou nahrávku Dragged into Sunlight pojmenovanou „Terminal Aggressor II“, kterou můžete poslouchat níže. Někteří z vás možná ale četli o rozchodu kapely a labelu, tudíž je na vašem zvážení, zda nové vydání podpoříte finančně. Následuje přehrávač a vyjádření kapely.

We saw Prosthetic Records dropped a recording that was delivered to the label in May 2019.

We will not see any funding from this record or any other record with Prosthetic Records, nor did Prosthetic Records discuss the release of Terminal Aggressor II with us, even refusing to pay for the insane artwork (credit: @soulsdue).

In fact, and as you are likely aware, Prosthetic Records were refusing to release the record as recently as December 2019, unless we agreed to provide further recordings.

Terminal Aggressor II is the sequel to Terminal Aggressor I, a tape release which first appeared in 2008… At the time, two members travelled to an underground noise show in Glasgow and began to distribute tape copies of the release – probably the best example as to what Dragged Into Sunlight was at the time and what it remains today.

In a similar vein, Terminal Aggressor II has followed its predecessor… Whilst Prosthetic Records have refused to respect Dragged Into Sunlight, its work or those involved for some 10 years, similarly to our previous releases, Terminal Aggressor II signifies a time and a place for Dragged Into Sunlight, it is very deserving of its place and you are invited to continue listening and sharing.

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