Mayhem: nové album v říjnu

Mayhem nedávno dokončili práce na svém šestém studiovém albu „Daemon“, které vyjde 25. října u Century Media Records. Níže máte komentář k desce, tracklist a obal z dílny Daniela Valerianiho. Předprodej bude zahájen 30. srpna.

“Daemon” isn’t a direct follow-up to “Esoteric Warfare”. Like all Mayhem albums of their time, “Daemon” is unto itself. The wolf solitary and singular. Indeed, “Daemon” also isn’t a new chapter in their storied career. Rather, it’s a new tone, authoritative yet wild in character. Composed and decomposed with the same lineup – Necrobutcher (bass), Hellhammer (drums), Attila (vocals), Teloch (guitars), and Ghul (guitars) – that handled “Esoteric Warfare” and performed “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” in its entirety over the last few years, “Daemon” isn’t a retrofit of classic songs like “Freezing Moon,” “Pagan Fears,” or “Buried by Time and Dust” either. That’s what the live album, “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive” (2016), was for. “Daemon” is change, an opportunity for the maw of hell to open wider.

01. The Dying False King 02. Agenda Ignis 03. Bad Blood 04. Malum 05. Falsified And Hated 06. Aeon Daemonium 07. Worthless Abomination Destroyed 08. Daemon Spawn 09. Of Worms And Ruins 10. Invoke The Oath

Mayhem - Daemon

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