Aborym - Shifting.negative

ABORYM reveal cover and guest musicians for new album

Italy’s legendary industrial/electro metallers, ABORYM, have revealed an impressive list of names behind their upcoming seventh album, “Shifting.negative” (including Sin Quirin of Ministry and Guido Elmi of Vasco Rossi fame). The band has also unveiled the full trackilst and cover, made by French artist David Cragne (Asymetric Entity).

The new album has been engineered by Emiliano Natali (Fear No One Studios), Teo Pizzolante (Braingasm Lab) and Luciano Lamanna (Subsound Studios). In the nearest future it will be mixed and mastered by Grammy-award winning Marc Urselliat Eastside Sound Studios (Lou Reed, John Zorn, Mike Patton) in New York.

Guido Elmi (Vasco Rossi’s legendary producer & manager) has been revealed as the post-production sound supervisor behind “Shifting.negative”Fabban commented:

“We are working with a real professional, a true legend, probably our biggest fan and a great friend. Please join us in welcoming mr. Guido Elmi. No need to say Guido is Vasco Rossi’s producer & manager over the past 30 years and he has worked as producer with dozens of artists including Stadio, Skiantos, Gaznevada, Steve Rogers Band, Clara & Black Cars and many others. Today he’s also a singer and songwriter”.

Aborym - Shifting.negative

“Shifting.negative” was recorded in the following line-up: founder Fabban on programming, modulars, synth and vocals, multi-instrumentalist Dan V on guitars and bass, Davide Tiso (Niō, Gospel of the Witches, ex-Ephel Duath) on guitars andStefano Angiulli behind synths and keyboards. ABORYM‘s ranks also include a long time associate RG Narchost, who’s a live musician for the band.

There’s also a long list of guest musicians involved in the album, most noticeably featuring Sin Quirin of Ministry fame on guitars. Other contributors include: Ricktor(The Electric Hellfire Club), Pier Marzano (Koza Noztra), drummer Andrea Mazzucca, vocalists Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc., Victor Love), Cain Cressall (The Amenta) and Nicola Favaretto N-ikonoclast. Further there’s Greg Watkins (Static of Masses, Order Sixty Six) and Luciano Lamanna on modular synths, Kelly Bogues (Zogthorgven) delivering additional ambient noise, Joel Gilardini (The Land Of The Snow, Mulo Muto, Black Machineries) on additional treated guitars, electronics & (D)ronin, Ben Hall (Silent Eretic) on power-electronics and Tor Helge Skei (Manes) on ambient-electronics. There’s also Tokyo based artist Youko Heidyresponsible for experimental noise and FX and Leja Siv Harju who wrote the lyrics to “Going new places”.

1. Unpleasantness
2. Precarious
3. Decadence in a nutshell
4. 10050 cielo drive
5. Slipping throught the cracks
6. You can’t handle the truth
7. For a better past
8. Tragedies for sales
9. Going new places
10. Big h


“Shifting.negative” is set to be released on Agonia Records at a date yet to be determined. More news will follow soon.

ABORYM on-line:
Website: http://www.aborym.it/
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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/AborymTV
VK: http://vk.com/clubaborymband
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/aborym

Agonia Records:
Website: http://agoniarecords.com
Webshop: http://tinyurl.com/agoniashop
Facebook: https://facebook.com/agoniarecords
Twitter: https://twitter.com/agoniarecords
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/agoniarecords
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Instagram: https://instagram.com/agoniarecordsofficial
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