MONDOSCURO: cover, content details and a special guest revealed

This is the explicit cover artwork for “MONDOSCURO”, the announced EP co-starring CADAVERIA and Necrodeath, both as distinct bands and as authors of new songs, composed and played together.

In detail, the EP will contain six tracks: two brand new and co-written songs, two covers (one of The Beatles and one of Type O Negative) and two unusual “exchange of roles”, that will see CADAVERIA reinterpreting a classic by Necrodeath and Necrodeath performing a CADAVERIA hit.

Cadaveria / Necrodeath - Mondoscuro

Among the other surprises of “MONDOSCURO” there is the participation of Lindsay Schoolcraft from Cradle of Filth, as special guest on vocals.

“MONDOSCURO” cover artwork was designed by Italian-Venezuelan digital artist Paolo Perrotta Mazza.

The release of “MONDOSCURO” on Black Tears of Death label is expected late this Summer.

[tisková zpráva]

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